VSReserve - Virtual Systems (VM H/W) Reserve

For decades, having any level of Business Continuity came only from large enterprises that could afford to replicate systems, locally and remotely. High Availability, Failover, Continuity, etc… these terms came with a very high financial burden. Therefore, many small to medium sized businesses opted to go with the standard Backup and Restore solutions. The major drawback of the standard Backup and Restore solution is “time”. For a company of 25-50 users, the average IT server architecture to support this amount of users is about 3 to 5 servers. Besides hardware procurement, the wait time for replacement hardware, rebuild, praying that the data backed up is intact, and restoring 100% function could last a whole week (including afterhours work and/or bleed into the second week). The IT restoration cost is somewhat measurable, but the loss of productivity is immeasurable and usually far exceeds restoration costs.

Offsite Hyper-V VM DR Ready

With the maturity of Virtualized Environments, DKNXT / Your Tech Guys have put together, tested and retested our VMBackup solution and added on a Disaster Recovery Hardware Ready solution where hardware is ready to take over the functions of a Client’s technology need when it is deemed necessary. (**Currently only supporting Microsoft’s Hyper-V solutions at this time**)

Other vendor solutions require replicated hardware and use of costly software/applications to replicate data where that cost is passed to the Clients which results in slow growth and scale-out. Our VS-Cloud design allows us to grow as you grow by adding resources on top of what we already have (processors, memory, networks and storage). Our scale up is quick, easy and cost effective for your continued growth.

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