DKNXT, Inc. dba/ Your Tech Guys, since 2008, pushed solutions towards a virtualized type of environment to simplify setup, reduce cost, improve function, achieve better backups/recovery and build better scalability. True private and public Cloud systems are built based upon the Virtualization technology. And with Microsoft entering the market with their version of virtualization called Hyper-V, it allowed small clients to begin deploying virtual environments at less licensing cost. In recent years, Microsoft’s Hyper-V has improved drastically and give all their rival virtualization competitors a run for their money.

With technology improving so much and getting cheaper in recent years, it would be so wasteful not to take advantage of virtualization. Most applicable applications and database functions for small to medium sized business would not use up the full resources of a server that has dual 6 Core processors that are Turbo/HyperThreading containing 128GB of memory. But, purchasing 4 to 5 servers to match the required processing power and memory can be (much) more expensive, takes up much more space and the ongoing cost of power and maintenance can exceed a single virtual system by multiple times.

Many Clients have benefited from this solution. One prime example… DKNXT, Inc. dba/ Your Tech Guys designed and deployed four (4) physical servers to replace 20 physical servers. With the required upgrades that are needed from time to time, the Client took advantage of this to move towards the virtualization solution. Over a year’s recap of cost of ownership, there was a huge reduction in maintenance, support, hardware replacement and power consumption. Power consumption alone was a savings of $19,000 per year.

The best way to explain the beauty of Virtualization is to compare it to a function of technology that most people already know. If you can imagine a Microsoft Word Document being written up, it is then saved for later access. However, to open the file on another computer, the file needs only to be transferred to the other computer by email, file sharing, copying to USB flash drive, etc… And the only requirement on the other computer is to have Microsoft Word to open it up and Microsoft Hyper-V Logothen use it as normal again. The MS Word document doesn’t care what machine it is running on, it just need the function of MS Word. Virtualization is the same way. And for Microsoft Hyper-V, a server just needs to support Hyper-V and the virtual system can be moved around as needed. This results in server independence, ease in backups/replication, simpler disaster recovery, simple clustering solutions (business continuity), ease of management, ability to scale up and down easily and cheaper.

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