The Management

Thai-Binh Nguyen, President & CEO

With nearly 30 years of computers, systems, and network experience, he continues to lead DKNXT, Inc. DBA Your Tech Guys in its growth of service and delivery to businesses in the (Greater) Houston Area expanding to service locations such as Galveston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin.  His love for technology continues to help the team improve their education, support and experiences in the ever-so-changing world of technology.  Between growing the business, being certified by Microsoft, Sophos, Cisco and various other technology vendors, he has expanded the support and IT delivery to help business with their CyberSecurity posturing and controls.

He continues to stay ahead of the curve so that customers (considered family and friends) can benefit from the culture of knowledge that is at DKNXT.  It is always about the balance of business function, data safeguarding (backups, power, policies), scalability and recovery that makes a difference in the motto of DKNXT compared to any other IT company.  That culture is constantly pushed to the team so that quality of service can always be delivered.

Jimmy Nguyen, Director - Operations and Client Services

A graduate from University of Houston with both a BA and MBA, Jimmy has brought a new level of support and delivery to DKNXT's business services model.  He constantly pushes the company to the limit and enables the "improve yourself" culture that we have today through constant education, certifications and cross-training.  He adds decades of experiences to the team and guides the team in its overall function, structure, project deployment and daily delivery.  He has been challenged to improve IT delivery as well as help DKNXT grow.  He continues to take on these challenges with excitement each day.  Customers get to experience his love for technology and when you love something, you can deliver it very well.

Daniel Grubbs, IT Manager

Daniel is one of the founding personnel within DKNXT, Inc. and has trusted the company's values, business deliveries and quality of service since its inception.  He is highly experienced with a BS from the Texas A&M University, a Certified Ethical Hacker, a Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator and a Cisco Certified Network Associate and Professional support business wired and wireless infrastructures since the mid 1990s.  He constantly works w/ engineers to make sure that quality work is being delivered on a daily basis and works well w/ management peers to not only enforce proper delivery, but to also develop the team.  He truly believes that any team is only as good as its weakest link and he works hard to make sure that even our weakest link is someone else's strongest link.   

He worked in the wireless ISP and Medical Hospital industries prior to joining in the efforts to start DKNXT, Inc. back in 2001.  He is constantly working on self-improvements so that he stays an example for his peers and subordinates.  He doesn't speak much, but when he does, everyone listens.  That shows the value of what he gives through DKNXT.