VSBackup - Virtual Systems (VM) Backup

A common growing demand in the past 10 years is offsite backups. When DKNXT meets a potential new client, they always ask… “How about offsite backups?” The traditional tape replacement, carry it offsite and storing it away in another location is becoming a hassle and have proven to take too long to recover under a disaster, particularly structural disasters that cause physical damage to the system (i.e. floods, fire). Offsite recovery over the Internet or offsite recovery onto a media to be shipped overnight to a location has taken over because immediate access to data is needed for a disaster recovery type situation. And for the longest time, offsite backup only was for data, not application and functions.

As Virtualization technologies matured, Microsoft, VMware and their competitors became better in delivering their functions of virtual machines. This is where DKNXT / Your Tech Guys use its alliances with Altaro and Synology storage systems to create VM Offsite Backups. DKNXT / Your Tech Guys have teamed up with Alpheus Communications to house its storage systems at Tier 3 and Tier 4 data center facilities to provide daily scheduled VM backups.

A good backup and disaster recovery plan does not take away local backups, but having Offsite Backups eases the mind that data is stored somewhere else in the event of catastrophic failure. What makes DKNXT / Your Tech Guys’ VSBackup so powerful is that it supports Microsoft’s Hyper-V 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2 solutions. It gives the ability to back up the server, the server function, applications installed and the data. Therefore, when a catastrophic disaster occur like a hurricane blows through or a fire sparks in the building, this solution will allow full server restoration onto a new server at any time and pick up where the last backup left off. Some Clients have called this their “Server insurance plan”. The faster the recovery, the faster your business can get back to work.