VM Backup and Recovery

Altaro Certified Partner

Like any technology, virtualization took time to mature and it take client needs and vendor competition to help the technology mature right. When Microsoft Windows Hyper-V 2008 R2 was released, DKNXT had already tested various virtual environments before deciding to take the route with Microsoft. Through methodical testing, Microsoft became the clear choice because of the existing solution and the expected improvements in the near future.

DKNXT, Inc. took a very methodical approach in choosing Windows Hyper-V and it was because of the simplicity in Hyper-V Backup and Recovery methods. And what made the choice even simpler was Altaro’s VM Backup's solution to the playing field. The combined solution, licensing, hardware requirements, etc… was really geared towards small to medium sized business. And as the solution matured, it could handle fairly sizable data very quickly. The solution was put to the test in a test environment testing multiple failure points and it exceeded all expectations. And now, with the latest Hyper-V environment, it’s just getting faster and faster to backup and recover from nearly all sorts of failure. These solutions are now supporting VMware too. (**Testing is being done within DKNXT’s testing environment)

DKNXT have teamed up with Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, Synology and Altaro to provide a complete virtual solution that can bring enterprise backup and recovery solutions to the small business.

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